With the rise of YouTube and advanced hidden cameras, pranking people has become a new fad across the world. 

The video above serves as a cautionary tale for all those rising pranksters out there: there is a line between appropriate and inappropriate, and it is important not to cross it. If you go around instigating fights with people, chances are you’ll find one.

Next Day Preperations calms the mind

I have been putting a lot of thought into how highly successful entrepreneurs prepare their days and weeks ahead. Often when I meet interesting people who are considered individuals who have achieved something great, I ask them very specific questions in how they prepare themselves. Through a variety of these conversations I noted that many have a tendency of putting down a written list of key tasks they need to take care of the next day. After writing the list down, on a piece of paper preferably, it calms the mind, allowing the writer to get a good night sleep without the fear of forgetting urgent tasks.

Artists leave things behind

I have been thinking a great deal about the accomplishments of artists, especially painters, and how they spend their whole life creating visual items, each with its unique identity. Its fascinating to think about in a quantified manner, that a painter might leave behind hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of pieces of work. A regular worker on the other hand might spend as much time as the artist on the work he does, but has little or nothing to show for.

My father has spent a great deal painting in his free time through his life, and I have been fortunate enough to have some of his best work surrounding me. 

I regret having spent so little time in building more tangible assets. But from here on out, this will change. My first task will be to start writing a script. I have not decided the length of it, character description or key outcomes, but I am going to note down key observations worth retelling in a partial science fiction story.

I have virtually no experience in creating a script, so any tips from experienced writers how this is done is always well appreciated!  

What are good ways to learn from advice?

I have recently been spending a lot of time on the Quora website, which in my view is the best Q/A site in the world today.

I decided to share my thoughts on what we can learn from advice.

I like to think of advice as form of data. Any advice you get is based on the data you give to your advisor, and any data he gives back to you is based on his past experience data. (Great post from Brad Feld on this topic The Benefit of Mentor Whiplash - Feld Thoughts)

Keeping this in mind, there are two very important variables do think about. 

  1. Firstly, that lessons and experiences from the past, don’t necessarily have anything to do with what will happen in the future (excellent book on this topic is “@http://www.amazon.com/The-Black-Swan-Improbable-Robustness/dp/081297381X”).
  1. Secondly, it is very rare that your advisor has the time to fully understand the situation you are in. In most occasions advise is given after the advisor has only had a few minutes of a conversation to enable feedback.

Keeping this in mind I would suggest to anyone to surround themselves with as many mentors and advisors as possible, to get a broad view of the data you are seeking advise on. Specialists will often you give you opposite answers. You will have more data on the topic after each advisor you talk with, hopefully giving you a higher probability of a good decision.


Short review regarding about.me site

I wanted to dedicate this post to the about.me startup founded by Tony Conrad in early 2011. I accidentally met with Tony at a spontant party at the CLARA office in 2011 when he and his friends were stuck in Iceland due to an Icelandic Volcano Eruption.

There are things I like and dislike about the current about.me page. On the positive side I think the user experience is superb, something you rarely see. It takes only a few seconds to get started with the page, drag and drop features, beutiful imagery encourage, literally allowing anyone to create a beutifull personal site about themselves. Also the site has thought through all the key features personal sites should have, such as automatic analytics, easy editing and knowing that you wont personally be going back to the site every day. I think about.me have been successful in making the site a simple one stop shop for all other social activities.

On the negative side. I think about.me could improve a lot with very simple add ons. Firstly to give users the ability to add any social network with icons of their own choice (maybe even integrating it with sites such as iconfinder.com).

Secondly I think more and more people want to have an even more personal site then just the basic features about.me have to offer. Serial bloggers like Brad Feld use their official “blog site” as their “one stop shop”, adding things like a bookshelf through Shelfari / GoodReads and a list of all the marathons he runs (variety of possibilities).

Im looking forward to see if the site will manage to give out more app adds in the feature (currently they have 36 hand picked ones.

If LaunchRock manages to deliver affordable high quality concept videos for startups I believe they can have huge future potential.

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Audio Blogs while walking to work

For a few years I have been reading Fred Wilson blog “A VC”. I really like the way Fred and Union Square are about many of the decisions they make and are not afraid to bring their opinions on the web.

I especially like the “VoiceBunny” feature Fred has attached to each blog where a different actor reads his blog out loud. Every morning since StartupReykjavik started I have listened to a variety of different audio blogs while walking to work in Reykjavik. I wish Voice Bunny or similar startups would figure out a way where users can easily put these audio-blogs into a morning podcast for users like myself.

StartupReykjavik this summer

During this summer im focusing all of my energy managing StartupReykjavik a seed stage accelerator program. In the program we have built a 10 week program, where teams get an amazing facility, access to great perks, $16k and access to the countries top mentors.

During the first three weeks we put intense focus on getting as many mentors into the program as possible, so the teams can get different perspectives and decide early on before prototyping if they should pivot or persevere.

We were literally up all night every day during the first week until 22:00 and showing up early in the morning at 08:00 every day. We have had about ~40 mentors into the program in 12 days, the teams have done 30 second pitches, 60 second pitches, 5 minute pitches with slides, 5 minute pitches about their business model, pitch the other teams, pitch on the spot before mentors, listened to other startup startup stories, had investors come in for talks etc.

I feel we are off to an even better start than last year which felt like a once in a lifetime experience.